90 Degrees West Expands Motion Design Team!


It’s a done deal. 90 is proud to announce the newest member of our motion graphics team, Jim Roberson. Jim has fantastic chops and more experience than you can shake a stick at. He has worked as a producer, director, cinematographer, and most importantly – a top notch motion graphic artist. He understands all facets of commercial production which translates to a seamless, professional and easy process for you.

Jim’s client list is almost as impressive as the work itself, and includes names like: ESPN, Samsung, Cartoon Network, Discover, MTV, Comcast, Toyota, Motorola, Visa and a bunch more. (He even worked on Archer!)

Jim joins us full-time from a freelance career where he worked primarily with clients in the Atlanta and New York City markets. Check out his reel. And if you see him out and about, say hi! He’s originally from Alabama and happens to be really, really nice. (You know, southern hospitality.)


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